Tuesday, February 27, 2007

New faces, new voices

Today is a modest milestone for Scottish Clans and Castles Ltd. After four years as a two person operation, we are now three. Our groups business (division would be overdoing it, I think) is now looked after by Helen, who already knows this side of the business well. So, if you would like to book a castle for a birthday bash, a strategic weekend, or a family get together, we are all set and ready to fix it for you - get in touch!

We also welcome, helping us for the month of March, Romanian student of tourism Carmen Chirvasiu. Carmen's help should allow Alison and I to spend the time needed to finalise our application for 'Hospitality Assured' - an award which 'reflects and rewards the highest standards of service excellence for organisations in the Hospitality Industry'. (We've discovered that doing it is not nearly so hard as proving that you are doing it!).

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