Wednesday, October 24, 2007

An 18th century farmhouse

Fans of Diana Gabaldon in particular often ask me if they can see an 18th century highland farmhouse. They want to get a picture in their minds of the fictional 'Lally Broch'. There are a few nice old farmhouses near Inverness but they often have very un-eighteenth century additions like dormer windows and conservatories.

But earlier this month I was persuaded by wife and daughter to do a little white water rafting in Perthshire. It was a good day, and both my daughter and I took a dip in the River Tay - a shock for the salmon. Later we went for a hot chocolate right by one of the most perfect early 18th century farmhouses you could wish for. Notice the ridges on the chimney pots to throw the rain out on to the original thatch. The owner told me that initially there were no windows at the back, only at the front.

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Ann said...

Thank you so much for this photo!