Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Skye and Pennsylvania 1706: Norway and France 2007

Earlier today Margaret, an American in Norway (below) emailed Harriet, an American in Paris as follows:

This morning I googled "James Anderson Isle of Skye 1706" and found your September 2003 letter of appreciation to Alastair Cunningham on his Clans and Castles website, in which you mention a James Anderson in your ancestry. I wrote to Alastair, asking him to help me locate you, and he immediately wrote back that he had sent my e-mail on to you at your 2003 address. We are related, Harriet! I googled your names myself, and found your incredibly rich and fascinating website and all the proof I need to say that we are related via Andersons and Schencks. My father was Jerome Schenck Anderson III, born in Stonington, CT, in 1906.
I am Margaret Marion Anderson, born 1958, eight generations after James.

They realised that both descendants had lived for a lengthy period in Iowa.

James Anderson probably took three months to reach Chester County, Pensylvania from Skye. Now, three hundred years and eight generations later, his descendants have been able to find each other in different parts of Europe within a matter of hours!

Who knows? There may be a whole lot more of you out there waiting to be linked up.


Anonymous said...

Meg is that you? Jerome Schenck Anderson III was my Grandpa (was living in Woodstock,VT). I am living in Waterford, CT (just 20 minutes from Stonington). Just did a tour of Stonington borough just last month. Now reading the story of "Murder on Darling Hill" Jerome S. Anderson is mentioned several times. Must have been the Jr. who worked at Stonington Mirror.

Anonymous said...

Hi Meg, This is Suzanne, married to Jerome S. Anderson IV. We were married for 7 years and divorced in 1972. Had two children, Jerome S. Anderson V and Kimberly Anderson. Lived in Stonington Ct.

Anonymous said...

This blog is incredible! Thanks Kim for forwarding the link!! Jerome Schenck Anderson III was also my dad. I was born 1n 1942 and have an older brother Jay (Jerome IV) who was born 1940. He is in New Mexico and I am in North Carolina (within 20 miles of Wesley Weaver - the President of Clan Anderson Society of America).
William Beckner Anderson

Alastair Cunningham said...

if any of you Andersons would like to send me a photo I can put these up on the blog and maybe we can turn up a few more long lost Andersons! Are any of you coming over for next year's International Clan Gathering?

Jerome S. Anderson V said...

Hi Meg (and Alastair)! Guess who?.....It's Jerome S.Anderson V! (Jamie) I would love to be there for the Clan gathering but we'll see how that goes. I've always wanted to visit Scotland and the Isle of Skye. The closest I've got is enjoying a fine Scotch from the Isle! LOL- Alistair, I'll try and send a pic for the website and I'll try and get a picture of the "first" Jerome which I have the portrait of. I also live in Stonington, CT in case Meg was wondering. God bless you all and Merry Christmas!


Anonymous said...

Hi, this is Suzanne, again. I have the portrait of the first Jerome S. Anderson hanging in our living room. I will take a picture of it and send it to you soon.

Jerome S. Anderson V said...

Mom, are you trying to steal my thunder LOL? It would be easier for you to take the picture so, thank you~
your loving son,

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful site. Scot, my brother, and I were trying to figure out a way to get to the gathering next year, but most of the tickets were sold out, I think all of the hotels were sold out, and most of our money is being used to keep the wives happy. I really would like to make it there someday. Scot found cheap tickets out of Florida, somewhere in the neighborhood of a few hundred dollars round trip, so hopefully, maybe, we can all plan a trip over the big pond and spend some time together. Great to hear from you all and thanks Dad for finding this blog. Take care all.

Ross Anderson

Alastair Cunningham said...

Do not believe the doom-mongers! There are lots of 'Passports' and plenty hotel beds left! Have a look at http://www.clansandcastles.com/gathering2009.html. I hope you manage to grab some of those cheap flights.

Jim said...

Hello to all of James’ descendents. My name is Jim Dornberger (my mother is an Anderson) and I live 1.5 miles away from Anderson Place in Schuylkill Twp, PA, which was founded by James in 1713 after he eloped with Thomas Jerman’s daughter, Elizabeth. I created the Wikipedia article on James’ son Patrick, who was an officer in the Revolution and famous local leader. His son Isaac already has a Wiki due do his service in the US Congress. Other colateral descendents include 2 famous PA politicians, Gov. Samuel Pennypacker and Sen. Matthew Quay. Further descendants in my branch went on to be prominent physicians in the Ardmore, PA area. I have researched a large family tree but know nothing of our Skye ancestry (even though I visited Skye when I was 15 years-old).

Jim Dornberger

Alastair Cunningham said...

Picture of Jerome S Anderon 1 now on blog

Anonymous said...

Just runniing some searches and found this Blog. I too still live a mile from the original homestead and over the years have taken my sons to clean and trim the family burial yard across the street.
We come through James-Patrick-the Issacs etc.
I would love to hear more about the Clan gathering.
I also wanted to find a little more about the family James legt behind in Skye. I have found a town in N. Ireland called 'Sixmile Cross'. It was founded in 1705(+/-). Anderson is still the most prominet name in this town. I am trying to find out if this was James family who may have left Skye after James came to Charlestown.
I travel to Ireland once a year, but usally stay with family in Cork, but keep thinking this town may be worth a trip.

Alastair Cunningham said...

Hi Anonymous! It looks as if we have unearthed a rich seam of family contacts here. I hope the others see your post as I don't have all their email addresses.

As to the Clan Gathering, details are at http://www.clangathering.org/

Jim Anderson said...

Hi, I descend from another line from James Anderson of Skye. My line comes from his son Edward Anderson who moved to Cumberland, Maryland and then, in 1772, to Washington County, Pennsylvania. His son Andrew Anderson traveled down the Ohio River, in 1781, to what is now Meigs County, Ohio. I live in Logan, Ohio. Does anyone know where the primary records may be found that record that James Anderson was born on the Isle of Skye?

scotinheartandblood said...

Hello! My name is Tera and I live in Tampa, FL. I am related to James E Anderson through his son Edward Anderson's great grandaughter Delilah Anderson. I am also trying to search out any info on the Anderson history before James E Anderson left Isle of Skye for America in 1707. His story is such a fascinating love story! Please contact me at hunt.terad@gmail.com if you have any information on James E Anderson's family of Isle of Skye. Thanks! :)

The SIGN said...

Anyone still around looking at this blog

Unknown said...

Yes. Please keep