Thursday, January 29, 2009

Jerome S. Anderson (The First)

This was never meant to be a family history site but I was delighted, back in November 2007, to have united descendants of Jerome S Anderson who left the Isle of Skye for the New World in 1706. The descendants in the original post were living in Norway and France. I wrote then, "Who knows? There may be a whole lot more of you out there waiting to be linked up", and little suspected that this would unearth descendants in Waterford Connecticut, New Mexico, North Carolina and Schuylkill Pennsylvania!

Here now is a picture of the great man. Many thanks Suzanne Tedeschi.

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Jerome S. Anderson V said...

Great to see my painting of Jerome up on the website! Although it is my property, I don't have the decor or room to hang it in my house so my mom [Suzanne Tedeschi] graciously presents it for all to enjoy. Thank you for posting Alastair!
Jerome Schenck Anderson V,
Stonington, CT